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Toowoomba Welding Equipment Hire

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Address: 500 Boundary Street, Toowoomba, Qld, 4350

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Tig Brush TBX-700
TIG Brush
Power Source:
240v single Phase

Do you want the FASTEST MIG weld cleaner in the World?

Years of experience, ongoing research and development and, customer feedback have resulted in the TIG Brush™ TBX-700 attaining this status!

Already recognized as the fastest, most powerful electrochemical weld cleaner of its type in the industry at a competition ending 90 amps @ 100% duty cycle; the well known and reliable 700 series retains market dominance offering a speed for MIG & TIG weld cleaning that is at least twice the speed of the nearest alternative.

The 700 series remains the innovative, streamlined package you’ve come to expect from Ensitech, and continues to provide our proven combination of heat, electricity and chemistry to give you a surface finish and level of passivation, on both MIG & TIG welds which is the best in the industry.

Combining the TIG Brush™ 700’s patented power delivery with the PROPEL™ Torch and Ensitech genuine fluids, gives the user peace of mind knowing they are operating the MIG MASTER and achieving the fastest, safest and most effective weld cleaning results


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